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Discover Muskoka: Plan Your Trip

Georgian Bay

Welcome to Georgian Bay Township, where hospitality has been a way of life since the first resorts and boat liveries sprang up more than a hundred years ago.

Rich in history, the region was dominated by the lumber industry in the 1800s and became a thriving tourist community with easy boat access from Georgian Bay to the Trent-Severn Waterway, bustling with fishing groups, tourists and barges filled with lumber and supplies for the growing cottage communities along the water.

Known for the friendly, courteous people who live, work and play here, this township provides the best services for their visitors: the marine mechanic who fixes your boat; the staff who serve up some of those wonderful home-style or gourmet meals; the builders who craft fine year-round homes, quaint cabins or grand, Muskoka-style cottages; the photographer who captures those special places that are in abundance here; the fishing guides who know just where to catch that big fish and the boating enthusiast who likes to explore the many bays and rivers. Learn more