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Discover Muskoka: Plan Your Trip

Muskoka River



Where to go while in Muskoka? Find the best places to go in Muskoka from Gravenhurst, Muskoka Lakes, Bracebridge, Lake of Bays, Huntsville and Georgian Bay. Look below for a Muskoka Map and Guide to use while you explore Muskoka. Uncover each community’s distinct charm, from quaint shops to breathtaking views. Why choose Muskoka for your vacation? Five Reasons Muskoka is the ultimate destination for your getaway every season of the year. 

Access a Map of Muskoka. Explore the six regions. 

Access a Guide to Muskoka to explore all regions. Including hiking, maps, farmers’ markets and more. 

The Township of Muskoka Lakes is cottage country paradise. Miles of boating, natural wonders, a vibrant history and quaint accommodators from cottage resorts, rentals and more.

Whether you are a thrill seeker, art enthusiast, foodie, nature lover, shopper or festival goer, Bracebridge has it all! Don’t miss the waterfalls across the region. 

Known for its vibrant arts scene, outdoor recreation opportunities, and charming downtown, Huntsville attracts visitors year-round. It’s a haven for adventurers, artists, and nature enthusiasts alike.

Gravenhurst is known as the Gateway to Muskoka. The lakes, forests and rocky landscape captivated the first visitors more than 150 years. 

The Township of Lake of Bays is an outdoor enthusiasts’ oasis in the northeastern section of Muskoka, adjacent to world renowned Algonquin Park.

Welcome to Georgian Bay Township, where hospitality has been a way of life since the first resorts and boat liveries sprang up more than a hundred years ago.