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Discover Muskoka: Plan Your Trip


Away We Go Trips

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Ready to experience Muskoka’s heritage, culture, fun and flavour at your own pace? 

Away We Go Trips offers self-guided road trip itineraries full of local intel that mix Muskoka’s must-see and off-the-beaten path destinations, curated to include all the intel you need to navigate, park and connect with the locations along the routes. 

  • Routes download instantly, so you can grab yours ahead of time or just in time. 

  • You can start your trip anytime and complete it all or save stops for another day. Once you have the content, it’s up to you how you use it!

  • You decide the size of your crew: A single route can be used by the whole group. 

There are six routes available: 

The Wild North route will lead your crew to the elevated vistas, rushing river banks and rugged landscapes that offer the access to the true beauty of Northern Muskoka and beyond, alongside dips into the contrasting bustle and polish of the town life that thrives in the midst of this wild region.

The Fallin’ & Farmin’ route lets your crew explore stops at waterfalls and local farmlands in Central Muskoka, giving you access to incredible views while spilling the tea on some great stories about the ups and downs experienced by the interesting people who built their lives along this route.

The Escape To The Lakes route focuses on the elaborate resorts and scenic lakeside towns were what attracted the highest society to first establish Muskoka as a tourist destination. From sweeping lake views to sanctuaries in the woods, this West Muskoka route will take you to places that were hotspots then and still offer a truly Muskoka vibe today.

The Lumber & Lakes route explores the region nestled beside Algonquin: A quiet eastern corner of Muskoka, full of lakes, forests, rock, and open road. Take a journey from one charming small town to the next, plus the gorgeous natural sites in between, to discover the exceptional stops you didn’t even realize were on your travel bucket list.

The Forces In Nature route showcases the Muskoka that has long been known for its shining waters and bright skies, taking your crew on a journey through South Muskoka to soak in all the glittery goodness – along with some fun oddities – that made Muskoka so captivating to early explorers and continues to attract adventurers today.

The Muskoka Pride route was created in partnership with Muskoka Pride and the full purchase price of this route is donated to their work. The history of the 2SLGBTQI community in Muskoka has not been well documented or preserved over time, stories do exist. This route celebrates those stories as an important part of empowering the 2SLGBTQI community in Muskoka by building connections, increasing visibility and generating engagement.

Grab a route for you and your crew or a gift card for your favourite Muskoka adventurer! 

The Away We Go Trips website also has a FREE searchable trails collection, providing intel, maps and photos of the over 50 public trails found around Muskoka