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2016 guide

Artist of the Month: Pat Whittle

Although I was always doodling, I came into painting rather late in my life.

My first touch with painting came through a night course in watercolour at Durham College. I was thrilled that the main focus of the course was to be brave and get some highly pigmented down on the paper-do not wimp out-was the instruction.

After that, I joined a couple of art groups in the area and was opened up to wonderful workshops in many mediums.

Through the years I have attended many workshops conducted by artists I admired.

Since I moved to Muskoka in 2002, I have had the wonderful experiences of being in Juried shows and many outside shows-winning awards and being pushed to create works in encaustic, printmaking, acrylic and oil. Once in a while I conduct workshops myself and find that they become learning experiences for me as well as the students.

Pat J Whittle

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pat whittle